Are We a Swipe Away from Meeting Our Soulmate?

As our lives get get more hectic, technology has found a way to get us a soulmate without leaving your home.


Online dating is arguably becoming the most popular way to find love, and Tinder – the free mobile application that has reportedly amassed 50 million users since its 2012 launch – has virtually (no pun intended) monopolized the scene; Marie Claire reports that even celebrities have started swiping. But why are people turning to the internet to find love? Whatever happened to good old-fashioned dating?

As it turns out, dating services are nothing new. From the late 17th century clear through the 19th matrimonial ads placed in newspapers by lonely bachelors were not uncommon (and are still a regular feature in contemporary Indian newspapers) and, in the U.S., had practical appeal for settlers seeking a partner to help establish homesteads.

Fast-forward to the 1960s – the heyday of game shows – and catch an episode of The Dating Game

Time-warp to the 80s, snag the newest Date-A-Max video and rewind for another glimpse of a potential soul mate! Okay, so maybe dating has never been easy; maybe this is “good old-fashioned dating.”

Whether people come to agree on this or not, the truth is online dating applications like Tinder, are not going anywhere.

Tinder is a simple concept. Users download the application to their phone, set up their account, and will then be prompted with potential matches fitting the user’s preferences.

If the user likes the person, they swipe right, if not, they swipe left.

If both users swipe right then they become a match and are given the opportunity to chat with one another.

But tinder is not all about just helping users find their potential soulmates.


Tinder  can also be used for:

  • Hook-ups
  • Confidence boost
  • Passing time
  • Meeting people in Foreign countries

But the question comes down to why use an application on a phone to meet random people that live close by if  all that the user wants to get out of it is a random hook-up? Is that not dangerous?

Well of course it is dangerous to hook-up with someone randomly, however Tinder is not all about the hook-ups and a chance to use ridiculous pick-up lines Even with the dangers that could occur when meeting a stranger for the first time, why are college students still using Tinder?

Grace Houston, senior at Rockhurst University stated,“Because time is something I don’t have a lot of being in nursing school and when I’m on a break from classes it’s easy for me to see if there’s anyone on the app that I’m interested in talking to. It helps me to pass time, but it’s also given me chances to go on some fun dates with some nice guys.”

For Houston, the experience has been okay. She has not met her soulmate but she has had a decent experience because of it and knows others that have met their soulmate.

Although it may not seem like the way things should be done when it comes to dating to older generations, Tinder and other mobile dating applications are currently the way couples have started to meet.

So say so-long to the days of hearing stories about how your friends met at bars or in a coffee shop, because today’s world meet on Tinder.

Why are you on Tinder?

Well I think mainly for me it totally is a self esteem booster and it is fun to swipe on people to see who matches you. Some guys are really cool to talk to but some are really gross and just want sex” – Anonymous

“I got it because a lot of my friends were getting it and I was just like ‘hmm why not try it out’ and it’s fun to do to pass time. I’m not always on it, just when I’m bored.” – Anonymous

“I use it to get rides home when I’m drunk from the sketchiest girls I can find because I know they will be willing to drive me home.” – Zach, KU

“I got tinder to start branching out and to get out of my comfort zone.  I’ve never been good at flirting, and my friends set up my account so I could practice.” – Anonymous

“I got on Tinder to give myself something to do between classes and I just didn’t like the guys at my school. I didn’t think I would meet someone that I would really date, but I have and we’ve been together for 7 months now.” – Nicole, RU


The Dos and Don’ts of Using Tinder


  •         DON’T put a pic of a girl or guy in your picture. It will make potential matches wonder who the other person is
  •         DON’T post blurry pics.
  •         DON’T put pictures that are too revealing. Leave something for the imagination.
  •         DON’T out 3 variations of the exact same picture, include some variety.
  •         DON’T lead your matches if you don’t want anything to do with them.
  •         DON’T try too hard to impress your matches, just be yourself.


  •         DO spice it up – include pictures that describe what you are into and like.
  •         DO open up with a creative line. None of this “you’re gorgeous” mess. Try to keep it funny and be you.
  • DO be yourself, as cliché as that sounds, don’t pretend to be someone else.

The Price of Love

As it turns out, money can buy love. For example, online Dating is a $2.1 billion dollar business, with the Match Group – parent company of, OKCupid, Tinder and Plenty of Fish – taking the lead in the dating industry. The Match Group brought in $888.3 million in 2014 and as of the month of September has hit $752.9 million in just nine months. The company boasts 59 million active users in 190 countries across all platforms with just 4.7 million paid memberships.

SIDEBAR: Shopping Alternatives for Black Friday

There are a few alternatives for people that do not want to take part in Black Friday shopping either on Thanksgiving or on Black Friday. For example, there is always the alternative for shopping online and not even leaving your home, because you can shop on Cyber Monday. Also [something to remember is that because of the holiday season stores are always having promotions because they know a lot of people have Christmas shopping to do.

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your house or deal with the long checking out lines, then you should consider shopping online instead for Black Friday.

Is Thanksgiving Becoming a Shopping Day

Has business changed the way we celebrate Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving. A word that can be associated with a multitude of things. To people outside the United States it can be just a holiday that Americans celebrate and to Americans it can mean more than just a holiday. Thanksgiving can be associated with family, reuniting with love ones, getting to eat a lot of food and/ or getting a small “break” from school, but now a new meaning can be adding onto the list, shopping.

In recent years new Thanksgiving traditions have been started. For example, a normal Thanksgiving popularly consisted of people’s families cooking a meal and eating it together to give thanks, but it later years this tradition has seemed to change. Now, some people are no longer having meals with their families anymore or if they are having dinner it is not on the actual day of Thanksgiving. The reason for this change is because of the Black Friday Sales.

Black Friday sales have traditionally begun the Friday after Thanksgiving but as of recently, sales are now starting of the actual day of Thanksgiving. People are no longer having a Thanksgiving dinner, instead people they are lining up outside of store doors, shopping or having to work retail.


Is the Thanksgiving tradition fading away?

Historically, Thanksgiving was a day for loved one to have a meal together and give thanks for what they have accomplished that year and to look forward to what they could accomplish the next year.

Due to business purposes retail stores are opening up their stores every year earlier than previous years and at earlier times because they want to attract more customers than their competitors, which will give bring more money into their pockets.
For example, this year Target and Walmart have already announced that it will be opening its doors the actual day of Thanksgiving to the public.

Opinions on this topic vary as some people are in favor of stores opening before Black Friday, as they can take advantage of the sales Thursday night and then be able to sleeping in on Friday, as their shopping would have already been done. On the other hand some people are against stores opening their doors before the actual day of Black Friday.

Rockhurst’s junior, Jasmine Scott, will be working at JCPenney on Thanksgiving day and on Black Friday and when asked about having to work on these days she said, “I can’t complain because we get paid more if we work on Thursday, which is Thanksgiving, so I like to work on Thursday…Although it would be nice to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family like everyone.” Scott also added that “we call Thanksgiving now ‘Gray Thursday’ because opening times keep getting earlier every year.” Afterwards Scott admitted that after she gets off work she will be also taking part of the Black Friday sales herself.

On the other hand when Coach employee, Audrey Kump, who happens to be a sophomore in college, was asked what she would be doing if she didn’t have to work on Thanksgiving she said “I would be relaxing with my family and sleeping.” One thing she had in common with Scott was that the benefit of working on Thanksgiving is that she will also be paid more than regularly.

In the long run there are advantages and disadvantages to going out shopping before Black Friday and opinions vary depending if you will be working retail or not but either way have a happy Thanksgiving and eat lots!