Why are you on Tinder?

Well I think mainly for me it totally is a self esteem booster and it is fun to swipe on people to see who matches you. Some guys are really cool to talk to but some are really gross and just want sex” – Anonymous

“I got it because a lot of my friends were getting it and I was just like ‘hmm why not try it out’ and it’s fun to do to pass time. I’m not always on it, just when I’m bored.” – Anonymous

“I use it to get rides home when I’m drunk from the sketchiest girls I can find because I know they will be willing to drive me home.” – Zach, KU

“I got tinder to start branching out and to get out of my comfort zone.  I’ve never been good at flirting, and my friends set up my account so I could practice.” – Anonymous

“I got on Tinder to give myself something to do between classes and I just didn’t like the guys at my school. I didn’t think I would meet someone that I would really date, but I have and we’ve been together for 7 months now.” – Nicole, RU



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