Is Thanksgiving Becoming a Shopping Day

Has business changed the way we celebrate Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving. A word that can be associated with a multitude of things. To people outside the United States it can be just a holiday that Americans celebrate and to Americans it can mean more than just a holiday. Thanksgiving can be associated with family, reuniting with love ones, getting to eat a lot of food and/ or getting a small “break” from school, but now a new meaning can be adding onto the list, shopping.

In recent years new Thanksgiving traditions have been started. For example, a normal Thanksgiving popularly consisted of people’s families cooking a meal and eating it together to give thanks, but it later years this tradition has seemed to change. Now, some people are no longer having meals with their families anymore or if they are having dinner it is not on the actual day of Thanksgiving. The reason for this change is because of the Black Friday Sales.

Black Friday sales have traditionally begun the Friday after Thanksgiving but as of recently, sales are now starting of the actual day of Thanksgiving. People are no longer having a Thanksgiving dinner, instead people they are lining up outside of store doors, shopping or having to work retail.


Is the Thanksgiving tradition fading away?

Historically, Thanksgiving was a day for loved one to have a meal together and give thanks for what they have accomplished that year and to look forward to what they could accomplish the next year.

Due to business purposes retail stores are opening up their stores every year earlier than previous years and at earlier times because they want to attract more customers than their competitors, which will give bring more money into their pockets.
For example, this year Target and Walmart have already announced that it will be opening its doors the actual day of Thanksgiving to the public.

Opinions on this topic vary as some people are in favor of stores opening before Black Friday, as they can take advantage of the sales Thursday night and then be able to sleeping in on Friday, as their shopping would have already been done. On the other hand some people are against stores opening their doors before the actual day of Black Friday.

Rockhurst’s junior, Jasmine Scott, will be working at JCPenney on Thanksgiving day and on Black Friday and when asked about having to work on these days she said, “I can’t complain because we get paid more if we work on Thursday, which is Thanksgiving, so I like to work on Thursday…Although it would be nice to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family like everyone.” Scott also added that “we call Thanksgiving now ‘Gray Thursday’ because opening times keep getting earlier every year.” Afterwards Scott admitted that after she gets off work she will be also taking part of the Black Friday sales herself.

On the other hand when Coach employee, Audrey Kump, who happens to be a sophomore in college, was asked what she would be doing if she didn’t have to work on Thanksgiving she said “I would be relaxing with my family and sleeping.” One thing she had in common with Scott was that the benefit of working on Thanksgiving is that she will also be paid more than regularly.

In the long run there are advantages and disadvantages to going out shopping before Black Friday and opinions vary depending if you will be working retail or not but either way have a happy Thanksgiving and eat lots!




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